Five Easy Ways to Make Your Website Look More Professional

When building a website without the help of a designer one of the biggest issues can be making the site look professionally built. Below are five quick and easy tips to help your homemade website look more professional quickly.

Add a favicon

A sample of common favicons

A sample of common favicons

A favicon is a small image that shows up next to the name of your website in browser tabs or when you “favorite” a website. Still having the default favicon that comes with your website builder is a dead giveaway to viewers that you’re website build was not detailed, and helps give away what builder you used. 

Use a Custom URL

Many website builders include a free URL that is along the lines of For instance, squarespace offers as the default URL. This is one of the first things you should change about your website. Having a custom URL such as is both easier for viewers to remember but also gives your website more legitimacy. 

Remove any references to the website building software

Often website building programs will automatically add their name somewhere in the website. For platforms such as Squarespace they will add something as simple as “Powered by Squaresapce” in the footer, which can easily be removed. Some other platforms, such as Wix and Wordpress offer a free version which has advertisements for the website builder on your website. Leaving these makes your website look less professional, and they can often be removed by paying for the full version of the website.

Add and update your footer copyright

Your website’s footer should always have an up to date copyright in the footer of the website. This often follows the formula of © Year Company Name. Keeping this simple feature up to date proves to customers that your website is up to date and doesn’t have out of date information on it. 

Customize your 404 page

A 404 page is what appears when a user tries to visit a page that either no longer exists or never existed. Depending on your platform this can be difficult to do, but many web builders offer the option to customize your 404 page message in the settings. You can add a message to the page directing them back to another page to keep users on your website and show them that you care about their visit. If you have a web page that users try to visit a lot but no longer exists you may want to set up specific 404 page for that URL or redirect it to another webpage.