Kansas City Freelance Designer

 Mid America Freedom Band Branding


The Mid America Freedom Band is a community non-profit LGBT+ band operating in Kansas City, Missouri. Along with being an active volunteer and board member, Erin designs all of their branding. This ongoing project began in 2016 when she suggested updating the band’s logo to modernize the group and make the logo usable in one color.


The new logo is based largely on the existing logo, with the largest change being a redesign of the rainbow flag itself. In order to make the flag readable in one color the stripes were separated and a sense of motion was maintained by staggering the length of the stripes and adding a dot to the end of each.

The brand colors were also updated to be richer, and more visible on their own. The colors which changed the most were yellow and green, which were previously too light to be easily viewed on a white background.



Along with the logo itself, a custom logotype was also created for MAFB branding items including the ‘Pride in Every Note’ slogan. This custom type was also used for the Season 16 (2018 - 2019) season branding.

A geometric pattern was also designed for non-season specific branding. This is mainly used over the summer when the previous season is over and the next season has not been announced.


The Mid America Freedom Band also regularly sells tshirts to band members and the community to raise money for operational costs. The logo tshirts work well both on white with a full color logo and as a white logo on a colored shirt, which is often done for special events such as the annual Brookside St. Patrick’s Day Warmup Parade, the annual performance for AIDs walk, and the occasional Royal’s game anthem.

You can learn more about The Mid America Freedom Band here.