Kansas City Freelance Designer

KinAiry Product Branding


KinAiry is a laser tracker measurement system calibration bar. This was a completely new product and idea for the digital measurement community when Brunson Instrument Company released the product in 2015. Because it was a largely unknown issue in the industry, this project included a full product release including pre-release consumer education.

The release project included an email campaign, digital ads, various blog and social media posts, and full product branding and naming.


The name KinAiry is based on two of the products features: Kinematic Mounts and Airy Points. As is traditional at Brunson, the team chose to take parts of each item and put them together to create the product name. The logo was then created based on the idea of the product’s tagline “A KinAiry in a coal mine” and the product feature of locking every 45 degrees for accurate calibration. The eye/dot represents an Airy point.

The color yellow was chosen for this product both to play up the idea of a canary and to give the overall company brand more color variety.



Once the initial branding was done the team created pre-release items to help educate the consumer about the need to calibrate a laser tracker. This included online ads that began to show KinAiry branding without naming the product (shown right), blog posts and other social media to teach the consumer about the need for the product.

This online add in particular was one of my first attempts at animation.

One of the first items released with the product launch was the infographic (below), which explained in more detail the product and its uses. All other branding that followed was based largely on this infographic.