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Mies Van Der Rohe Museum Collateral

June 8, 2016 featured, print, publication

mies van der rohe modern architecture museum exhibition poster

This booklet, postcard, and poster series was created as part of a student project while attending the University of Northern Iowa for a fictional design exhibition centered around Mies van der Rohe and his ‘Glass Wall’ buildings. The designs were created using open source imagery of his works, and one of the only color photographs of Mies Van Der Rohe himself.

van der Rohe was known as the creator of the skyscraper. His modern architecture created buildings whose main structure was at the center, allowing for the outer walls to be made of windows, or a ‘glass wall.’ This gave offices more light and a more modern, open feel.

mies van der rohe modern architecture exhibition postcard design

The illustrative images of his buildings were created using layering and the multiply filter. Colors were adapted from the photographs themselves. All text used in the booklet are essays written by Mies van der Rohe throughout his life. The colored bar running throughout the pages is a corresponding timeline of his life.

Fonts Used: Universe LT Std family

Photography: Sourced from Creative Commons. The cover image is the only known color photograph of Mies van der Rohe

Text: A time line of van der Rohe’s life and his own essays.