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Mid America Freedom Band Logo Design

June 9, 2016 branding, featured

The Mid America Freedom band is a Kansas City based community Marching, Jazz, and Concert band serving the LGBTQIA community. The band consists of approximately 65 active members. Although I have zero musical talent, I joined the band’s board of directors in September, 2014. Along with being the board’s secretary, I have been volunteering as the band’s graphic designer. My first project was to update the band’s branding. The original logo, shown below, shows a traditional pride flag as the end of a music note. While this logo is fine, it does not allow for easy use as a one color logo which severely limited the band’s ability to use the logo. In order to fix this problem I, along with the board, began creating a new logo that could easily be used in one color.

mid america freedom band original logo


The first step in creating this new logo was to collect research. Our main avenue for this was to have the band members submit one word which they felt described the band. I then created a word cloud to examine these results. The words suggested were interesting, as very few people suggested the music itself as what the most important part of the band was. The main focus of most players turned out to be the community the band created.


In keeping with this idea the first version of the new logo focused almost exclusively on the people in the band, creating a rainbow of people working together.

mid america freedom band logo round one

While this logo is interesting, and many enjoyed it’s reference to a crown, there wasn’t enough focus on the musical aspect. So the new logo and the old logo were combined to create what was approved in the end: a logo that shows fast moving music full of pride. This logo also solves the original problem: allowing the logo to be used in one color for items such as glass etching and tshirts.

mid america freedom band logo black

Along with this new logo, the band also brought forth a new slogan: Pride in Every Note.


Fonts used: Myriad Pro