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Body Copy Typography Layouts

June 8, 2016 featured, print, publication

This section discusses a series of booklets created as a student to explore various styles of typography layout, including asymmetrical, classical, hybrid and idiosyncratic styles.


Classical Typography

Classical text block typography is characterized by serif typefaces, drop caps, small caps, and large bottom and outer margins. This style often also utilizes justified text. This style is still very common in most book publishing.

Fonts Used: Garamond Pro, Minion Pro

Asymmetrical Typography

Asymmetrical Typography is characterized by low text blocks, with wide margins on the top and either right or left. It is also common for page numbers to be one page of a spread. Asymmetric layouts use san serif fonts and often feature left aligned text.

Fonts Used: Minion Pro, Univers LT Std

Hybrid Typography

Hybrid typography layouts use a combination of the classical and asymmetrical layouts. In this case I chose to flip the classical margins and have wide inner and bottom, and use a san serif font. This is the most conceptual of the booklets, with the cover being a mirrored surface so the reader views themselves instead of the ‘invisible’ designer. The cover also features the title sewn onto it in silver thread, making the title difficult to read and therefore more invisible. The top image shows how this sown lettering looks on the inside cover.

Fonts Used: Minion Pro, Rawengulk

Idiosyncratic Typography

Idiosyncratic text is designed in a way that is unexpected, going against most conventional rules of type. In this case I eliminated paragraphs, choosing instead to use square icons to represent the paragraph change, and mirror image of the text block on either side, with alternating page numbers.

Fonts Used: Josefin Slab, Minion Pro