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How to Stay Sane After Being Laid Off

As someone who was recently laid off, I find that there’s a few things that help keep the sanity while unemployed. These tips are things that I have been doing myself based on various other advice. These things may or may not work for you, but I find them helpful.

Stick to a Schedule

Go to bed at a decent time, wake up before noon, eat lunch and dinner the same times you normally would. It may not seem like a big deal, but becoming nocturnal or keeping an irregular schedule is not going to help you find a job or stay sane. You have to keep a fairly regular schedule, both because it’s hard to schedule a job interview at 3AM and because irregular schedules and excessive sleep often make it easier to fall into depression.

Finish Those Projects

Take a look at all of those personal projects that you’ve just not gotten around to starting, or finishing. Keep yourself busy by actually completing some of them. Update your blog. List products in your etsy store. Finish that book that you’ve been meaning to read. Having other things to do, beyond applying for jobs and watching TV, will help you keep your mind off of the negative sides of job hunting.

Apply for Jobs

As a general rule I try to apply for one job a day. Now, this doesn’t always happen. I can’t change the fact that there isn’t always a job that you can apply for every day. However, apply for anything that you can. Sure, you may not really want to work there in the long run, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply for it. Heck, that doesn’t mean that you have to take the job even if it’s offered to you. Applying for a job every day helps foster a feeling of accomplishment, and makes you feel like you’re doing something that will help you get a job in the long run. Every job applied for is another opportunity to find the right position for you.

Leave Your House

Go to the grocery store, clean out your car, or even just go for a walk. Remind yourself that the world isn’t limited to your (in my case) one bedroom apartment. Getting out into the world and getting some real life social interaction is important, especially if you’re used to going into an office every day.

Stay Optimistic

Remember: YOU WERE  NOT FIRED. There is no shame in being laid off. It was not your fault, and there is nothing you could have done to prevent it. Get references from your former employer and new companies will be able to see that as well. And if all you’re getting is rejection emails, then put yourself in the shoes of the person doing the rejecting. Maybe you were under or over qualified. Maybe someone else asked for less money. Maybe they promoted someone from within. While you do still need to stay on top of your job hunting game by keeping various items up to date (cover letters, resume, website, ect.), you also have to keep in mind that you are not the only factor involved in the decision. They are not rejecting you, they are simply accepting someone else.

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